About Subayo

By elevating the standard of living of women through economic development, education and training, the Subayo Foundation aims to creates new human capacities to support communities with our Circle of Success strategy.

The Subayo Foundation is a 501-C3 non-profit foundation and NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) founded by Mbumwae Suba. The work of the foundation is designed to complement the work of community organizations, government, ministries and development agencies that aim to improve the standards of living in the communities as a whole. Its aim is to develop practical initiatives that have a direct impact on mitigating poverty.

By targeting programs specific to women and children, populations which have traditionally been left out of other economic development programs, the foundation has found that these women reinvest more tangibly in their communities and therefore a more substantial multiplier effect takes place, raising the standard of living of other demographic groups i.e. children, the elderly and the disabled. This multiplier effect offers stronger more permanent solutions than other forms of aid.

The Foundation seeks your support to further its goals and expand its Circle of Success.

Mbumwae Suba Smith

H.E. Anne Namakau Mutelo

The Board and Staff