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Subayo has been very active in Namitome community for the past four years .

Subayo Foundation sponsored 8 students to a four year college, University of Barotseland. Four graduated last year. Two are graduating in October and the other two next year.

One of the graduates Mbindi Kahilu is a volunteer at the Namitome Govt School for a year.

The Foundation sponsored over 400 students grades 1-12 paying school fees and buying uniforms.

Women were sponsored through Micro lending loans.

The foundation built a town Hall/Community Center at the school for Namitome and Nalinanga communities. This Hall will serve as a Meeting place for the community. It will also be used at the school as a computer lab, lunch room, auditorium, staff room, Headmaster’s office, Strong room (Vault- to store secure exam papers and other important documents for the school), recreation Hall, library, storage room, lounge and shelter for the community..

Nomtsoub School in Tsumeb, Namibia gets funding for school uniforms, books and school supplies from Subayo Foundation January 2017.
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