The Staff and Board

Mbumwae Suba, Founder and President

Mbumwae Suba has truly had a lifelong connection to Africa. She was born in Zambia in 1953 and the events of her childhood gave her a strong conviction that she should maintain her ties to Africa – particularly to help the women of the continent benefit from a system of support and education. Read more…

H.E. Anne Namakau Mutelo

H.E. Anne Namakau Mutelo is the Permanent Representative to the African Union and the UN Economic Commission for Africa, in addition to her role as ambassador of Namibia to Ethiopia, Sudan, AU and UNECA.  She has served as a career diplomat in her country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the past 24 years, and served in the United Nations Division of the Department of Multilateral Affairs from 2001-2004, and represented the Namibian Government as a delegate to the Third Committee Sessions of the United Nations General Assembly in 1992, 2001 and 2004. Ambassador Mutelo was the Deputy Director responsible for Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa in the Department of Bilateral Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from 2007 to 2009. Read more…

Dr. Bruce-Lyle

Dr. Bruce-Lyle brings a wealth of life and health experience to the Subayo Foundation, having practiced medicine all over the world. He received an MB ChB (MD) from the University of Ghana Medical School in 1976. He completed residencies in Opthalmology at University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka, Zambia, Mater Misericordiae Hospital in Dublin, Ireland, and obtained Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons in 1985 in Glasgow, Scotland. He also completed residency in Ophthalmology at University of California, Irvine, (UCI) and obtained Fellowship in Cornea and Anterior Segment, and Fellowship in Glaucoma at UCI. Dr. Bruce-Lyle also has a Fellowship in Pediatric Ophthalmology from Children’s hospital in L.A.

He held numerous Ophthalmology positions over the years, including Chief of Ophthalmology at King Faisal University’s Air Base Hospital in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia from 1988-1990, and Chief of Ophthalmology, Loma Linda Hospital, from

Presently Dr. Bruce-Lyle is Medical Director of Inland Glaucoma Medical Service and network of successful centers he founded in Southern California. He continues an active role in teaching at Loma Linda Department of Ophthalmology, Loma Linda University, School of Medicine as an Assistant Clinical Professor of Ophtalmology.

He is also involved in an award – winning glaucoma research. Finally, he uses his expertise to help make the world a better place as an advisor on the board of the Subayo Fountation.

Tony Williams

Born in London, Tony in graduated in History and trained as a teacher before working in schools in England and later moving to Zambia, where one of his pupils was Subayo’s founder. On returning to England he taught again for a few years and then became an education officer working in local government. Areas in which he specialised included staffing allocations and appointments, and the planning and specification of schools. Through this he developed skills in finding routes through the complexities of funding rules in order to benefit the projects he was trying to advance, and in the presentation of bids so as to maximise the prospects of success. Despite this he retains a strong belief that being open, straightforward and honest are the best ways to achieve strong relationships and positive outcomes.

Married with one daughter and two grand-daughters, Tony lives in a village about fifty miles from London. Although he has now retired from paid employment he finds his time fully occupied by family activities, helping to run the association for those who also attended his former school, and involvement in local community work.

Chris Rohner, Secretary

Chris Rohner is a senior Emergency Manager for the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.  He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and has lived in PA and NY all his life, except for a two year stint in Japan.  He has a masters in urban planning and has been involved in pedestrian-friendly transportation and urban design since college. 

He has served as Vice President of the 950 unit coop where he lives and is active in community activities.  Chris believes one person can make a difference, that you should think globally and act locally, that a walk in the woods does everyone good, and that “do’in” muscles are better than “show’in” muscles.  He likes riding his bike to work and enjoys escaping the city to his two story tree house in duchess country on weekends.  Chris lives in New York City with his wife and two daughters.

c.rohner at

Gregory Schwedock, Technical Support

Gregory Schwedock is a sophomore at Hamilton College.   As an active member of the Hamilton Outing Club he regularly leads trips in the Adirondacks in addition to participating in lots of sports around campus including hockey, ultimate frisbee and IM softball to mention a few.  Having Einstein as an idol, he currently intends to major in physics, but enjoys a wide range of interests from writing and performing poetry to designing websites. He spent the 2007 summer interning with Professor David Schiminovich at Columbia University identifying Ultraviolet Luminescent Galaxies.  He also bicycled from Sea Isle, New Jersey to New Burn, North Carolina with a friend, a 500 mile plus trip in six and a half days. Gregory feels it is an honor to be able to assist in furthering the goals of the Subayo Foundation by designing and maintaining its website.

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Catherine Whitmore

Cate lives in Riverside with her husband.  They have three sons and a grandson.  Cate has a BA in Anthropology from California State University, Fullerton and a MA in Psychology, at California State University, San Bernardino.  She has worked as a Curator of Anthropology at the Riverside Municipal Museum, and as the Curator of History for the Riverside County Regional Parks and Open Space District, where she managed the County’s Archeological and Historic Sites, including two National Register Historic sites.  Retired from the County, Cate now is partnered with her husband, Dr. Vince Moses, the former Director of the Riverside Metropolitan Museum, and together they have a consulting business, specializing in historic preservation and museums.

Both Cate and her husband are active in their community.  Cate has served on the board of the Riverside Rape Crisis Center, as legislative chair for the American Association of University Women, as regional representative for the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, and on the board of the California Citrus State Historic Park.  Cate is on the Board and one of the founding members of the Riverside Huaxia Chinese School in Riverside.  She serves on the executive board of the International Relations Council (under Riverside’s Mayor’s office), and also serves on two Riverside Sister City Committees:  the Riverside/Obuasi (Ghana) Sister City Committee; and, co-chair of the Riverside/Jiangmen (China) Sister City Committee.

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Adjoa Parker

Adjoa is an international project manager and marketing consultant, working for a business development enterprise. She holds degrees in biology from Hardwick College, NY, and an MBA from the IUG in Bruchsal, Germany. She was born in Lusaka, Zambia, as the daughter of a Zambian mother and a Ghanaian Father. She grew up in Zambia, Canada and the US. During her studies she also lived in Germany and Thailand. Her multinational background is of great value for the Subayo Foundation, as Adjoa knows first hand about the situation in different countries. Adjoa loves dancing, reading and mainly spending her free time with her family. She is married with two children.

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Musonda Sambo

Musonda has been working as a management and information systems consultant for the past 7 years. Before that, he worked in the construction industry as a cost analyst as well as financial accountant. He has also worked in quasi-governmental institutions.

As a consultant, Musonda has worked on projects from inception, implementation and initial management of projects before handing over to the owners. Currently, he is developing an animated series of lessons that will be used by grade school students doing independent learning. He hopes that he can use his project development and management experience to work for the Foundation.

Musonda is a charter member of the Lions Club of Downtown Kingston through which he has been doing voluntary work for the past sixteen years. He lives in Kingston, Jamaica with his wife, niece and two children. Musonda holds Master’s degrees in Business Administration and Computer Based Management Information Systems, and a B.A. in Finance and Accounting.

Sven Buchholz

Sven Buchholz is the Managing Director of a Social and Market Research company. He lives in New York City and in Northern Germany. He has substantial knowledge and experience in international project management and micro-financing, which he offers freely to strongly support the goals of Subayo. Sven has also practical hands-on experience in helping on-site through is 6 years of voluntary service at the Technische Hilfswerk (THW), or German Federal Agency for Technical Relief.

He has been working with with Subayo since 2003. He believes that it is the ultimate goal to improve the situation in Africa and the world through the support, development and motivation of ambitious individuals and communities thereby strengthening morale and values in everyday life. He is married with two children.

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Victoria Owusu

Ms. Victoria Owusu comes to  the Subayo Foundation with extensive background in communications and public relations.  Presently Ms. Owusu is the general manager of the Adansi Communications Network LTD (SHAFT FM 98.1 FM) in Obuasi, Ghana. She came to Obuasi from Kumasi, Ghana where she managed the Starcom Broadcasting Services (Spirit 88.3FM), and has worked in the past at several other broadcasting stations.  She has experience in all aspects of management.  Ms. Owusu is a known team player with strong management skills.  She has great communication and interpersonal skills, as well as extensive experience in public relations. These as well as her strong leadership qualities well make her a great asset to our Foundation. 

 Ms.  Owusu has served on the Board of Directors, for the Akrofuom area, Rural Bank; the Board of Directors, Blessed Height Educational Institute; the Board of Directors, Child Care Ministry (CHICAM); as well as serving as Patron, for the Spirit Incorporated Musical & Jazz Club; and, the Adansi University Students Association.  She has also served on the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission’s consumer Service Committee.

Ms. Owusu is Ghanaian and lives in Obuasi-Adansi Region. She holds a BED (honors) in English and Education from the University of Ibadan Rivers State College of Education, and a Nigeria Certificate of Education from the University of Ibadan Rivers State College of Education.  In her spare time, Ms. Owusu enjoys reading, dancing, playing golf, making friends, and listening to the radio.

Ana Singh, Board Member

Ana is a Senior at Carleton College in Northfield Minnesota, majoring in American Studies with a heavy focus on cinema and media. In addition to photography and web design, she is also interested in social justice Issues design. She recently completed her first website that displays her work and explores particular political and economical areas of interest.

Louisa Gilbert

Louisa Gilbert is the Co-Director of the Social Intervention Group (SIG).  She is currently a Co-Investigator on two NIMH funded studies and two NIDA studies, which address the overlapping problems of intimate partner violence, drug use and HIV risk.  She has worked at SIG for the last 17  years conducting intervention research, which addresses the co-occurring problems of HIV, drug use and intimate partner violence.  

She has co-authored more than 40 articles from this research. Ms. Gilbert also serves as a member of the Clinical Advisory Committee at Sanctuary for Families and a member of the practice research network of  the New York State Office of Substance Abuse and Alcoholism Services.

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Dr.Vincent Moses

Former Director of the Riverside Metropolitan Museum, and past President of the International Relations Council of Riverside Dr. H. Vincent Moses brings thirty years of experience in cultural history and international relations to the work of Subayo foundation

Dr. Moses holds a Ph.D. from the University of California, Riverside in United States history, and Advanced Management Certificate from the A. Gary Anderson School of Management at UC Riverside. He has served as Adjunct Professor at UC Riverside and California Baptist University in Riverside.

During 2010-2012, Moses supervised the implementation of a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation grant in Obuasi, Ghana, through the Riverside-Obuasi Sister City Program. The grant, which he wrote, enabled the installation of three water improvements projects, the renovation of one slaughter house, purchase of a new Toyota ambulance for the Obuasi Government Hospital, and a partnership with Project CURE to deliver more than $500,000 worth of custom medical equipment to Obuasi hospitals and clinics.

Moses and the Riverside-Obuasi Sister city Committee are committed to the support of Subayo Golden Eagles and the micro-finance program.

James M. Mwape

James M. Mwape, brings to us management, education and entrepreneurial skills. He taught Chemistry and Biology in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania Public Schools for seven (7) years. He was the Business and Finance Manager for the E-ZPass Group for five (5) years and CFO for Massnet Innovations. Prior to September 11, terrorist attack on New York he worked in the banking and insurance industry in the New York City for nine (9) years. He is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Mwape Peer Awards, which recognizes African individuals who have played pivotal roles in their respective communities. He has traveled extensively around the world and speaks multiple languages. He holds two graduate degrees: MS Ed and an MBA in Banking and Finance and an undergraduate degree is in Biology from New York schools. He is the author of four books. He lives in Cherry Hill, New Jersey with his wife Ruth and their three children Natasha attending college in Boston, MA, James, Jr. a college student in New Jersey and Simon a high school student.